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NTR Aarogyasri
Kidney Transplant Center

kidney transplantation visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh, india, vizag
kidney transplantation, orthopaedic surgery, emergency and critical care, psychiatry, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, anasthesiology, nephrology, urology, neuro surgery, cardiology, pulmonology, laparoscopic surgery, ophthalmology, dialysis
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  Latest News
Sraddha Consultant Article published in Indian Journal of Nephrology
Posted on 10th March, 2017
Dr. D. Prabhakar, MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Nephrology PGIMER)...
Visakhapatnam Port Trust Empanellement.
Posted on 26th July, 2016
Sraddha Hospital is now Empanelled with Visakhapatnam Port Trust....
A smart answer for kidney stones
Posted on 31st May, 2016
Kidney Stone Dusting Prosedure now in Sraddha Hospital...
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Sraddha Hospital Ophthalmology Visakhapatnam
Sraddha Hospital is a new generation hospital is situated in the epic medical center nearer to KGH. It is a healthcare landmark and a household name for quality healthcare to more than 70 million people across six states - Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and parts of West Bengal and Bihar. The hospital has departments namely as General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ear-Nose-Throat, Dental Surgery, Facial Maxillary, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Surgical Gastroenterology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Nephrology, Renal Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, Urology, Endocrinology and Plastic Surgery.

Comprehensive services under one roof; Emergency Room, Ultra Modern hi tech Diagnostic Laboratory, Out Patient department, 55 beds comfortable to luxurious AC and non AC in patient rooms in sharing and single, very well equipped Operation Theaters with laminar flow, Delivery Room, large Acute Medical Care Unit, Post Surgical Care Unit, Dialysis Unit, very well coordinated, professional management and a fully computerized system that integrates the Ophthalmology Visakhapatnam services of all the departments of the hospital. We are in ophthalmology visakhapatnam for the people with high standard developments & reasonable prices. Sraddha Hospital in Visakhapatnam are popular not only among a large popular residing in South India who want to ophthalmology visakhapatnam . Also among the country's commercial property investment. Visakhapatnam residential properties are incomplete without the mention of the numerous uniquely ophthalmology visakhapatnam that are vouched to be among the best for those searching for homes in Visakhapatnam.

24 emergency service visakhapatnam
24 Emergency Service Visakhapatnam
24 hours ambulance visakhapatnam
24 Hours Ambulance Visakhapatnam
24 hours pharmacy visakhapatnam
24 Hours Pharmacy Visakhapatnam
acute kidney failure visakhapatnam
Acute Kidney Failure Visakhapatnam
acute kidney failure visakhapatnam
Acute Kidney Failure Visakhapatnam
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Anasthesiology Visakhapatnam
andrologists visakhapatnam
Andrologists Visakhapatnam
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Anesthesiology Hospital Visakhapatnam
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Antibiotics Visakhapatnam
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Aphthalmology Visakhapatnam
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Arthroscopy And Joint Replacement Clinic Visakhapatnam
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Bandaid Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Best Gynecologist Visakhapatnam
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Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals Visakhapatnam
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Boutique Birthing Center Visakhapatnam
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Brain And Spine Surgeries Visakhapatnam
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Cancer Specialists Visakhapatnam
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Cardio Thoracic Nursing Visakhapatnam
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Cardiologist Visakhapatnam
cardiology visakhapatnam
Cardiology Visakhapatnam
cardiothoracic surgeon visakhapatnam
Cardiothoracic Surgeon Visakhapatnam
chemotherapy visakhapatnam
Chemotherapy Visakhapatnam
childbirth visakhapatnam
Childbirth Visakhapatnam
chronic kidney disease visakhapatnam
Chronic Kidney Disease Visakhapatnam
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Chronic Kidney Failure Visakhapatnam
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Chronic Renal Failure Visakhapatnam
clinical psychologist visakhapatnam
Clinical Psychologist Visakhapatnam
clinical services visakhapatnam
Clinical Services Visakhapatnam
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Consultant Urologist Visakhapatnam
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Coronary Heart Disease Visakhapatnam
critical care nursing visakhapatnam
Critical Care Nursing Visakhapatnam
dental visakhapatnam
Dental Visakhapatnam
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Dentistry Visakhapatnam
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Dermatology Visakhapatnam
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Dghal For Harmorroids And Piles Visakhapatnam
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Diabetes Visakhapatnam
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Dialysis At Home Visakhapatnam
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Dialysis Center Visakhapatnam
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Dialysis Clinics Visakhapatnam
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Dialysis Information Visakhapatnam
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Dialysis Service 24 Hours Visakhapatnam
dialysis visakhapatnam
Dialysis Visakhapatnam
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Doctors Gynaecologist Visakhapatnam
embryologists visakhapatnam
Embryologists Visakhapatnam
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Emergency And Critical Care Visakhapatnam
emergency and disaster nursing visakhapatnam
Emergency And Disaster Nursing Visakhapatnam
end stage renal disease visakhapatnam
End Stage Renal Disease Visakhapatnam
endocrinology visakhapatnam
Endocrinology Visakhapatnam
ent visakhapatnam
Ent Visakhapatnam
epilepsy surgery visakhapatnam
Epilepsy Surgery Visakhapatnam
esrd visakhapatnam
Esrd Visakhapatnam
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Eye Specialist Doctors Visakhapatnam
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Facio Maxillary Surgery Visakhapatnam
familt medicine visakhapatnam
Familt Medicine Visakhapatnam
fresenius dialysis visakhapatnam
Fresenius Dialysis Visakhapatnam
gastroenterology and endoscopy visakhapatnam
Gastroenterology And Endoscopy Visakhapatnam
gastroenterology visakhapatnam
Gastroenterology Visakhapatnam
general medicine visakhapatnam
General Medicine Visakhapatnam
general physician visakhapatnam
General Physician Visakhapatnam
general surgery visakhapatnam
General Surgery Visakhapatnam
global dialysis visakhapatnam
Global Dialysis Visakhapatnam
graft rejection visakhapatnam
Graft Rejection Visakhapatnam
gynecology and obstetrics visakhapatnam
Gynecology And Obstetrics Visakhapatnam
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Health Check Up Packages Visakhapatnam
heart attack visakhapatnam
Heart Attack Visakhapatnam
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Heart Hospital Visakhapatnam
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High Blood Pressure Visakhapatnam
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Home Dialysis Visakhapatnam
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ICU Visakhapatnam
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Imaging Visakhapatnam
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Information On Dialysis Visakhapatnam
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Intensive Care Unit Visakhapatnam
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Internal Medicine Visakhapatnam
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Keyhole Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Care Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Dialisis Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Dialysis Center Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Dialysis Process Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Donor Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Failure Cure Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Function Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Rejection Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Transplant Center Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Transplant Hospital Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Transplant Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Transplant Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Transplantation Visakhapatnam
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Kidney Treatment Visakhapatnam
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Laparoscopic Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Laproscopic Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Liberty Dialysis Visakhapatnam
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List Of Dialysis Service 24 Hours Visakhapatnam
lupus visakhapatnam
Lupus Visakhapatnam
lymphoma visakhapatnam
Lymphoma Visakhapatnam
maternity care visakhapatnam
Maternity Care Visakhapatnam
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Medical Hospital Visakhapatnam
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Microneurosurgery Visakhapatnam
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Microscope And Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Visakhapatna
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Minimal Access Brain Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Minimally Invasive Surgery Visakhapatnam
modern surgical technique visakhapatnam
Modern Surgical Technique Visakhapatnam
mri scanning visakhapatnam
Mri Scanning Visakhapatnam
myeloma visakhapatnam
Myeloma Visakhapatnam
nature of anesthesia visakhapatnam
Nature Of Anesthesia Visakhapatnam
neonatal nursing visakhapatnam
Neonatal Nursing Visakhapatnam
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Neonatologists Visakhapatnam
neonatology visakhapatnam
Neonatology Visakhapatnam
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Nephrology Doctors Visakhapatnam
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Nephrology Visakhapatnam
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Neuro Science Nursing Visakhapatnam
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Neuro Surgeon Visakhapatnam
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Neuro Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Neurological Visakhapatnam
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Neurologists Visakhapatnam
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Neurology Visakhapatnam
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Neurosurgeon Visakhapatnam
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Neurosurgery Department Visakhapatnam
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Neurosurgery Hospital Visakhapatnam
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Neurosurgery Infections Visakhapatnam
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Neurosurgery Injury Cases Visakhapatnam
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Neurosurgery Specialist Visakhapatnam
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Neurosurgery Visakhapatnam
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Nurse Practitioner In Midwifery Visakhapatnam
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Nutrition And Diet Visakhapatnam
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Obstetricians And Gynaecologists Visakhapatnam
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Obstetricians Visakhapatnam
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Obstetrics And Gynaecology Visakhapatnam
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Obstetrics Visakhapatnam
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Occupational Therapy Visakhapatnam
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Oncology Nursing Visakhapatnam
oncology visakhapatnam
Oncology Visakhapatnam
online doctors visakhapatnam
Online Doctors Visakhapatnam
operation room nursing visakhapatnam
Operation Room Nursing Visakhapatnam
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Ophthalmologist Doctors Visakhapatnam
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Ophthalmology Visakhapatnam
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Orthopaedic And Rehabilitation Nursing Visakhapatnam
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Orthopaedic Surgeons Visakhapatnam
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Orthopaedic Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Orthopaedics Visakhapatnam
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Orthopedic Hospital Visakhapatnam
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Orthopedic Services Visakhapatnam
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Orthopedics Visakhapatnam
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Osteoporosis Clinic Visakhapatnam
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Outpatient Departments Visakhapatnam
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Paediatric Specialist Visakhapatnam
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Paediatric Surgeon Visakhapatnam
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Paediatric Urology Visakhapatnam
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Paediatrics Visakhapatnam
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Pathology Visakhapatnam
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Peadiatric Visakhapatnam
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Pediatric Visakhapatnam
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Pediatricians Visakhapatnam
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Pediatrics Visakhapatnam
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Pharmacy Visakhapatnam
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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation Cente Visakhapatnam
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Physiotherapy Visakhapatnam
plastic surgery visakhapatnam
Plastic Surgery Visakhapatnam
pregnancy clinics visakhapatnam
Pregnancy Clinics Visakhapatnam
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Psychiatric And Mental Health Nursing Visakhapatnam
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Psychiatric Consultants Visakhapatnam
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Psychiatrist Consultant Visakhapatnam
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Psychiatry Visakhapatnam
pulmonology visakhapatnam
Pulmonology Visakhapatnam
radiology visakhapatnam
Radiology Visakhapatnam
renal cell cancer visakhapatnam
Renal Cell Cancer Visakhapatnam
reproductive medicine centre visakhapatnam
Reproductive Medicine Centre Visakhapatnam
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Rheumatoid Arthritis Visakhapatnam
rheumatology visakhapatnam
Rheumatology Visakhapatnam
sickle cell crisis visakhapatnam
Sickle Cell Crisis Visakhapatnam
speciality ot complex visakhapatnam
Speciality Ot Complex Visakhapatnam
spine clinic visakhapatnam
Spine Clinic Visakhapatnam
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Spine Surgeon Visakhapatnam
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Spine Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Stone Disease Visakhapatnam
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Super Specialty Consultants Visakhapatnam
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Surgeons Visakhapatnam
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Surgery Visakhapatnam
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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Visakhapatnam
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Systemic Scleroderma Visakhapatnam
thermal balloon treatment for uterine bleeding visakhapatnam
Thermal Balloon Treatment For Uterine Bleeding Visakhapatnam
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Thoracic Visakhapatnam
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Traditional Surgical Procedures Visakhapatnam
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Tumour Treatment Visakhapatnam
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Types Of Dialysis Visakhapatnam
ultrasonologists visakhapatnam
Ultrasonologists Visakhapatnam
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Ultrasound Visakhapatnam
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Urgent Care Visakhapatnam
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Uro And Nephrologist Round The Clock Visakhapatnam
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Urological Cancers Visakhapatnam
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Urological Care Visakhapatnam
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Urology Center Visakhapatnam
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Urology Clinic Visakhapatnam
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Urology Hospital Visakhapatnam
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Urology Visakhapatnam
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Women And Child Care Services Visakhapatnam
x ray visakhapatnam
X Ray Visakhapatnam
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