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Kidney Transplant Center

kidney transplantation visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh, india, vizag
kidney transplantation, orthopaedic surgery, emergency and critical care, psychiatry, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, anasthesiology, nephrology, urology, neuro surgery, cardiology, pulmonology, laparoscopic surgery, ophthalmology, dialysis
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Each day the kidneys pump about 200 litres of blood through 140 miles of tiny tubes and millions of filters. In doing so, they regulate the internal environment of the body by filtering the blood to get rid of waste material, excess salts and fluids. They also balance the electrolytes and regulate the production of red blood cells. But many a times the kidneys get damaged due to diabetes, high blood pressure, glomerular diseases, kidney stones, infections and many other causes leading to different stages of kidney failure. Stage 4 and 5 of kidney failure substantially reduces the functioning of the kidneys, compelling the patient to go in for dialysis or kidney transplant.

Since dialysis is a lifelong treatment many doctors advise their patients to go for kidney transplant, although a great deal depends on the patient’s medical circumstances and preferences. Kidney transplant to a patient can be made from a live donor or a cadaver donor. Live donors could be siblings, other relatives and family members who are likely to have a better tissue match with that of the patient, hence, reducing the scope of rejection of the kidney by the body. But, often a lot of patients do not have a relative who is suitable enough to be a donor. In that case, while they remain on dialysis, they can be placed on a waiting list for a cadaver transplant.

Swap donation is another option which is gaining popularity.For most people kidney transplantation gives a better quality of life as compared to dialysis.

Sraddha Hospital, Visakhapatnam has been sought after as a centre for kidney transplantation. Under the guidance of well qualified and highly experienced nephrologists and transplant surgeons, the Department of Kidney Transplants offers quality services at par with the high standards prevailing world wide. Many international patients have had successful transplants at Visakhapatnam, thus paving the path for many more to follow suit. It has a string of achievements in this field to its credit, making it one of the best centres in the country for kidney transplants.


  • Performed nearly 1000 kidney transplants
  • Performed the first cadaver transplant in the state of Karnataka
  • Performed the rare double kidney transplant from a paediatric cadaver donor to an adult
  • Leading institute in the state in the field of nephrology & transplant care
  • Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy (LDN) is performed routinely. This is associated with decreased pain and early recovery as compared to traditional open donor nephrectomy
  • First to perform Single Incision Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy (SILDN) in South India. In suitable donors, SILDN is performed through the belly button leaving no scars on the abdomen. This results in minimal pain and quick recovery for the donor
  • Recognised by the National Board of Examination and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences for the post graduate training programme.
  • ISO 9001-2008 & NABH accreditation
  • Dedicated Nephrology ICU & Nephro-pathology.
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